D+ Natural Yeast Bread


Displaying food when working at a Japanese store makes one such as myself tempted to buy everything and try them all. One of the items I often display is D-Plus Natural Yeast Bread.

D-Plus stands for “day plus,” which is a reference to the breads’ long shelf life—60 days according to official website. This is possible because of how the bread is made with no added preservatives. To further preserve the bread, each package contains a small green alcohol pad. The bread itself is very soft and fluffy.

There are two types of D+ bread: mixed-in flavors and filling. The packaging differentiates the two types. If it has a gold band across the top, then it has a filling.

I finally got around to buying one several months ago. I was hesitant to buy the bread because the price is $1.50-$1.89 USD, depending on where you get it in the area. Anyway, the supermarket next to my workplace had a sale over Thanksgiving weekend, so I bought an array of flavors for 99 cents each. Here’s my first food review! Enjoy and happy eating!

Mixed In:
Brown Sugar: 5/5
Taste is very similar to Maple. I think it isn’t too sweet for a bread that has brown sugar syrup drizzled all over the bread. The drizzle makes the bread look appealing.

Cheese: 5/5
Savory flavor with a hint of sweetness. The cheese flavor, similar to cheddar, is not overwhelming, but you could still taste it in each bite.

Chocolate: 4/5
This flavor is the most popular at the store I work at. The look is quite pretty with its drizzle of chocolate all over the bread. A bit on the sweet side, but that’s because of the chocolate syrup. The chocolate reminds me of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, which I don’t mind, but I would like a bit of bitterness like dark chocolate syrup instead (hello, antioxidants!).

Coffee: 4/5
Similar to chocolate, it has swirls of coffee syrup. I like how it has a strong coffee taste and smells like coffee, but the bread is also on the sweet side.

Green Tea: 3/5
The green color of the bread may seem unappealing and deter people from trying it, but the taste is all right. Actually, I barely taste the green tea flavor and the sweetness is a bit overpowering. I would like a stronger flavor to satisfy my palate, but I think it may be the right amount for those who have never drank green tea or tried green tea flavored desserts (i.e. green tea ice cream).

Hokkaido Cream: 4/5
When I saw the word “cream,” I immediately assumed it would have cream in the center. So I was a bit disappointed the first time I tried it. Though, the cream, embedded in the bread, has a light taste that’s not overpowering and reminds me of custard. Overall, the sweetness is just right, but I would like the Hokkaido Cream flavor to pop out more.

Maple: 5/5
The drizzles of maple is not as apparent as Coffee or Chocolate, so it was a pleasant surprise when I broke the bread in half. Aroma reminds me of pancakes… and Canada. Maple flavor is not overpowering and adds to the bread. I think it has the perfect amount of sweetness.

Tounyu (豆乳) Cream: 1/5
Tounyu translates to soy milk. I bought it without realizing what the flavor is, but I guessed correctly that the flavor is soy related. Anyway, the bread has a white, pasty (not creamy!) center that’s supposed to be the filling. My gosh, the nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted NOT because of the flavor but because of the sweetness. I felt like I was eating sugar frosting with an extra cup full of sugar. The bread balanced out the sweetness a tiny bit, but, in the end, I had to wash it down with milk or water. I think they should have mixed in the cream to the bread like they did for Hokkaido Cream.

Red Bean (こしあ) paste: 4/5
Reminds me of many red-bean paste filled bread I tried, so it’s not as memorable as the other breads. Surprisingly, the red bean paste is not as sweet as I expected it to be, but after eating two bites, I had to chug down some water. I took off a point because I read the calories and was confused as heck: Calories: 300 From Fat: 700. WHHHHAT?!

Red Bean (小倉) paste: 4/5
This was has less calories than the one above, but I think it tastes the same. I even tried eating both at the same time to taste any differences but nothing. Maybe my palate isn’t susceptible to taste as I would like to think.

There are more flavors such as cream filling and strawberry, but I guess I would need to fly over to Japan to try them out. If you’re a college student like me, I would buy this for a midnight snack or energy boost for those all-nighters, granted if you have $2 to spare. These definitely go well with tea or coffee.

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