D+ Natural Yeast Bread


Displaying food when working at a Japanese store makes one such as myself tempted to buy everything and try them all. One of the items I often display is D-Plus Natural Yeast Bread.

D-Plus stands for “day plus,” which is a reference to the breads’ long shelf lifeโ€”60 days according to official website. This is possible because of how the bread is made with no added preservatives. To further preserve the bread, each package contains a small green alcohol pad. The bread itself is very soft and fluffy.

There are two types of D+ bread: mixed-in flavors and filling. The packaging differentiates the two types. If it has a gold band across the top, then it has a filling.

I finally got around to buying one several months ago. I was hesitant to buy the bread because the price is $1.50-$1.89 USD, depending on where you get it in the area. Anyway, the supermarket next to my workplace had a sale over Thanksgiving weekend, so I bought an array of flavors for 99 cents each. Here’s my first food review! Enjoy and happy eating!

Mixed In:
Brown Sugar: 5/5
Taste is very similar to Maple. I think it isn’t too sweet for a bread that has brown sugar syrup drizzled all over the bread. The drizzle makes the bread look appealing.

Cheese: 5/5
Savory flavor with a hint of sweetness. The cheese flavor, similar to cheddar, is not overwhelming, but you could still taste it in each bite.

Chocolate: 4/5
This flavor is the most popular at the store I work at. The look is quite pretty with its drizzle of chocolate all over the bread. A bit on the sweet side, but that’s because of the chocolate syrup. The chocolate reminds me of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, which I don’t mind, but I would like a bit of bitterness like dark chocolate syrup instead (hello, antioxidants!).

Coffee: 4/5
Similar to chocolate, it has swirls of coffee syrup. I like how it has a strong coffee taste and smells like coffee, but the bread is also on the sweet side.

Green Tea: 3/5
The green color of the bread may seem unappealing and deter people from trying it, but the taste is all right. Actually, I barely taste the green tea flavor and the sweetness is a bit overpowering. I would like a stronger flavor to satisfy my palate, but I think it may be the right amount for those who have never drank green tea or tried green tea flavored desserts (i.e. green tea ice cream).

Hokkaido Cream: 4/5
When I saw the word “cream,” I immediately assumed it would have cream in the center. So I was a bit disappointed the first time I tried it. Though, the cream, embedded in the bread, has a light taste that’s not overpowering and reminds me of custard. Overall, the sweetness is just right, but I would like the Hokkaido Cream flavor to pop out more.

Maple: 5/5
The drizzles of maple is not as apparent as Coffee or Chocolate, so it was a pleasant surprise when I broke the bread in half. Aroma reminds me of pancakes… and Canada. Maple flavor is not overpowering and adds to the bread. I think it has the perfect amount of sweetness.

Tounyu (่ฑ†ไนณ) Cream: 1/5
Tounyu translates to soy milk. I bought it without realizing what the flavor is, but I guessed correctly that the flavor is soy related. Anyway, the bread has a white, pasty (not creamy!) center that’s supposed to be the filling. My gosh, the nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted NOT because of the flavor but because of the sweetness. I felt like I was eating sugar frosting with an extra cup full of sugar. The bread balanced out the sweetness a tiny bit, but, in the end, I had to wash it down with milk or water. I think they should have mixed in the cream to the bread like they did for Hokkaido Cream.

Red Bean (ใ“ใ—ใ‚) paste: 4/5
Reminds me of many red-bean paste filled bread I tried, so it’s not as memorable as the other breads. Surprisingly, the red bean paste is not as sweet as I expected it to be, but after eating two bites, I had to chug down some water. I took off a point because I read the calories and was confused as heck: Calories: 300 From Fat: 700. WHHHHAT?!

Red Bean (ๅฐๅ€‰) paste: 4/5
This was has less calories than the one above, but I think it tastes the same. I even tried eating both at the same time to taste any differences but nothing. Maybe my palate isn’t susceptible to taste as I would like to think.

There are more flavors such as cream filling and strawberry, but I guess I would need to fly over to Japan to try them out. If you’re a college student like me, I would buy this for a midnight snack or energy boost for those all-nighters, granted if you have $2 to spare. These definitely go well with tea or coffee.

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