GGE Wheat Crackers

Last week while I was displaying these at work, I noticed that they changed their packaging design. On a whim, I decided that I was going to try out all the flavors available.

GGE, short of Good Good Eat, Wheat Crackers are products of Taiwan (or is it Japanese as well?) and have an array of flavors. I think these were inspired from crushing dried instant ramen, mixing in the flavor packet, and eating the crushed flavored bits like chips. Who used to do that; just me and the rest of the kids at my Chinese school? These have no preservatives and no trans fat. GGE’s mascot is a big head Asian girl who changes her outfit depending on the flavor. Each pack is $1.18USD and is about 2.75-3.75oz. I tried googling for more information but nothing else came up.

Happy eating!

Nutritional Facts: Calories-150, Calories From Fat-70, Total Fat-7g/11%, Saturated Fat-3g/15%, Sodium-370mg/15%, Total Carbohydrate-29g/6%, Sugar-<1g, Protein-3g
Smell: 4/5
Taste: 5/5
feel: 4.5/5
The smell is like baked potato chips but there isn’t any fragrance or luring smell that entices you to eat it. The taste is not salty and doesn’t have any overbearing flavor, which actually makes it quite enjoyable to eat (unlike some of the other flavors). I like how they’re skinny chopped up strands, but it is unsatisfying if you only grab and eat one strand at a time, which is why I gave the “feel” a 4.5.

Soy Sauce
Nutritional Facts: Calories-160, Calories From Fat-80, Total Fat-8g/12%, Saturated Fat-5g/25%, Sodium-260mg/11%, Total Carbohydrate-18g/6%, Sugar-0g, Protein-3g
Smell: 5/5
Taste: 3/5
Feel: 5/5
The smell is most definitely soy sauce, but you can’t even taste it until you have several. To be honest, I expected more soy sauce flavor, and was a tad disappointed. It’s quite fun to bit off each individual rib. I do like the feel as it’s long and smooth yet curls around.

Black Pepper
Nutritional Facts: Calories-160, Calories From Fat-70, Total Fat-7g/11%, Saturated Fat-4g/20%, Sodium-390mg/16%, Total Carbohydrate-16g/5%, Sugar-0g, Protein-5g
Smell: 4/5
Taste 3/5
Feel: 4/5
I think the smell is similar to those packets you get from instant ramen cups. The black pepper is there but is overwhelmed by the other powder they sprinkled over the crackers. This sprinkled substance then sticks to your fingers, so unless you like to lick your fingers after eating a handful, then this might not be for you. It’s saltier than I expected and really dries the mouth after eating six pieces, but the salty goodness makes it so addicting that you end up eating more. Therefore, make sure you have a bottle of water to chug down.

Nutritional Facts: Calories-160, Calories From Fat-80, Total Fat-8g/12%, Saturated Fat-4g/20%, Sodium-280mg/12%, Total Carbohydrate-18g/6%, Sugar-8g, Protein-3g
Smell: 3.5/5
Taste 3/5
Feel: 5/5
WARNING: THIS CONTAINS PEANUTS. I didn’t realize until I munched on one and tasted a hint of peanut. Please stay away from this if you’re deathly allergic to peanuts; I’m somewhat allergic and got a rash after eating the whole bag (I didn’t want it to go to waste). While you do taste some nori flavor, the peanut somewhat overpowers it. Plus, it even smells like peanuts. They might as well call it Peanut. The good thing about these crackers is the “mascot” on the package and the shape of the crackers is mashed up pieces of ramen noodles molded into a small cylinder shape.

Mexican Spicy
Nutritional Facts: Calories-160, Calories From Fat-70, Total Fat-8g/12%, Saturated Fat-4g/20%, Sodium-360mg/15%, Total Carbohydrate-18g/6%, Sugar-<1g, Protein-3g
Smell: 5/5
Taste: 5/5
feel: 4.5/5
This is probably my favorite. The fragrance is absolutely welcoming and it’s very addicting to eat despite them having similar form as Original, which, as I mentioned above, make it quite difficult to eat. I have low spicy tolerance, so it did get a bit too spicy for me; however, it is still delicious.

BBQ Cube
Nutritional Facts: Calories-160, Calories From Fat-80, Total Fat-9g/14%, Saturated Fat-4g/20%, Sodium-190mg/8%, Total Carbohydrate-17g/6%, Sugar-<1g, Protein-2g
Smell: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Feel: 5/5
Similar to Seaweed in form, these were fun to bite into. The smell wasn’t anything fancy. Although I could taste a bit of BBQ flavor, I think it was overpowered by some other seasoning. Surprisingly, it can also be a bit spicy, but I think that’s because of my low tolerance.

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