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Back when computers were slow, bulky, and taupe, I played this rainforest game with a toucan and red helicopter. I recently googled this game and discovered it is called Grammar Games; I was surprised my library owned a copy so I checked it out. So.much.nostalgia. Looking at the graphics and comparing them to PC games today, it seems so primitive. Nonetheless, it was fun playing the mini games I played when I was little, granted most of the time I unknowingly was hacking the keys.

Grammar Games, created by Davison & Associates Inc. in 1995, is divided into four mini games—Rainforest Rescue, Falling Fruit, Hidden Wonders, and Jungle Gizmo—each focusing on a particular aspect of English grammar. There are three levels to each game that the player can adjust by going to the menu bar. This game can still be played on Windows XP, and is a great game for children 10 and up (according to the box) and for ESL students.


Rainforest Rescue: This has to be my favorite game when I was little. There’s so much happening at once: animals that need to be saved, bulldozers killing off trees, and fire raging all over. The purpose is to earn fuel for the helicopter by answering whether the given sentence is a fragment or a complete sentence. Level 1-3 are the same format, but it increases its difficulty each level.


Falling Fruit: The purpose of this mini game is to determine what punctuation to use for the given sentences. You move a toucan around and place it underneath a falling fruit that shows a punctuation mark. This toucan will eat the fruit, but this toucan will attempt to eat any falling fruit including a coconut. If you place it under a fruit that shows the wrong punctuation or a coconut, it will cost you 10pts. Level 1 deals with ending punctuations while level 2 and 3 deal with punctuations in mid-sentences.


Hidden Wonder: This is the least exciting out of all of the games. You identify verb tenses while reading a story dealing with some rainforest adventure. When you pass each “page,” a hidden object will appear like a flower or exotic animal. Level 1 has boxes over the verbs, level 2 still has the boxes but deals with irregular verbs, and level 3 has no boxes (you are forced to skim through a horrid story).


Jungle Gizmo: The mini game deals with possessive nouns versus plural nouns. An object appears for each correct answer. When the objects are all set in place, you can click “jungle gizmo” to watch a mini animation. The difficulty increase each level.

13 thoughts on “Grammar Games

  1. Oh my gosh!!! I am a first year teacher and I always tell my kids about that game. It brings back so many memories seeing those screen shots! I was mildly traumatized because I never actually knew what a fragment was and my forest would burn down lol I would love to play it again!

    1. They should remake this game so kids today have a chance to play it.

      I don’t know if Windows 7 or 8 can run the game, but if your computer still runs on Windows XP, you can definitely play it 🙂

  2. I googled so many different things “amazon jungle computer game” “amazon forest computer game” and it wasn’t until “rainforest computer game” that i finally found what i was looking for, this! thank you so much for this post, total lifesaver!

  3. I remember this game! I’m 22 now : ) I was also googling this game, i typed in jungle toucan 1990s game and your blog post came up! Haha

    1. I was fortunate enough to borrow it from my local library, so I suggest checking there first 🙂 Though, you have to own a super old computer to play it. I tried running it on my Macbook (2007), and the CD wouldn’t even load. Hope you can find it 🙂

  4. I used to play that game a lot too! Now I’m studying to be a Japanese and English teacher to non native English speakers!

  5. Every now and then I think about “the rainforest game” and bring it up to friends and family, they had NO IDEA what I was on about. Thank you so much for this post; now I finally know what it was called & those screenshots bring back so many memories.

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