Turtle Tea

After day three at Anaheim convention center for vidcon my friends and I were craving boba, no surprise there. So my friend searched on yelp and came across Turtle Tea, and we decided to go there since it served food as well.

They recently opened so there was a lot of deals going on like getting a large drink for free if you order 12pcs of wings and getting one free topping.

First off, this is not your run-of-the-mill boba shop. Quickly’s and Verde has nothing on this place. Turtle Tea has jars of tea leaves sitting on shelves and the ambiance feels quite chic. When we entered, an employee asked us if we wanted to smell any of the tea. I’m not fond of fruity tea drinks, but there is no denying that the smell of black tea leaves mixed with various fruits is divine. The interior is quite spacious with interesting decor. Off to the side there is a shelf filled with board games, which is refreshing because usually these sort of places want quick turnovers, and I feel having board games suggest they want to give customers a place to hang out.

I ended up getting a traditional black tea drink: English Breakfast milk tea with aloe vera. It tastes like most milk teas I’ve had before, but I tried my friend’s drink, Earl Grey Lavender, and it’s really delicious.

I also bought a breakfast crepe (forgot the exact name) for about $5-$6, and the presentation is really pretty and it tastes pretty good too. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had eggs since we arrived in Anaheim, but I loved everything about it. If you order it, you have the option of having the eggs scrambled or sunny side. The fried food that my friends ordered are cheaper than my crepe and they look just as delicious.

What really makes Turtle Tea amazing is the customer service. I have never received such an amazing service at a boba shop before. We ended up giving them almost 20% tip cause the employees are just amazing!

I definitely recommend going there if you’re around Anaheim, especially now when there are awesome deals going on. Here are their yelp page and Facebook page if you’re curious to learn more.

the interior
the interior
the cool light fixtures
the cool light fixtures
our drinks
our drinks
12 pieces of wings that have 3 different sauces/seasonings
12 pieces of wings that have 3 different sauces/seasonings
Fried Calamari
Fried Calamari
crepe goodness
crepe goodness

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Hey everyone,

If you may recall a post from several months ago, my friend and I were trying to create a video. Well, that video turned out to be a pain while I was editing it, so it was scrapped. That is until my friend suggested we do a haul… on bread. After a day or so of editing, we created a youtube account (click on the image or here). Hopefully we can be consistent and upload weekly, but I highly doubt that considering we have lives outside of the Internet. Shocking, I know. Anyway, check out our first video, Bread Haul #1 | 85c, where we reviewed some bread from the renowned Taiwanese bakery 85c Bakery. Awkwardness and LOLz ensues. We have other ideas on the back burner, and hopefully we can get around to recording them before school starts up again for me.

Stay tuned~

김밥이 맛있어요

I’ve been craving 김밥 (romanized: kimbap) for a while but I was too lazy to go to a Korean supermarket. Plus, I’ve been meaning to learn how to make 김밥.

I grabbed recipes from thekitchn.com, seriouseats.com, and maangchi.com, and blended them together.

I used other filling ingredients such as dried pork shreds, or 肉鬆 (pin yin: rou1song4), and kale. I would have liked spinach but my mom has been obsessed with kale. I also used brown rice instead of white rice, which actually doesn’t taste any differently once you mix in rice vinegar and all those other ingredients. I definitely want to try making this again after discovering that it isn’t too difficult to make. Plus it’ll give me a chance to practice how to julienne vegetables.

Cream Puff


I made these a while ago but never got around to making a post about it. I thought I would share with you this recipe for cream puffs I found over at steamykitchen. It’s a super simple recipe that even a monkey could follow.

The filling is Jell-o’s vanilla pudding instant mix, and I sprinkled powdered sugar over the cream puffs. I wanted to test out a pipping utensil I bought at Daiso, which I totally recommend for piping in fillings for cream puffs even if can get a bit messy when putting in the mix into the container.

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

999Name: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
Developer(s): ChunSoft
Platform: Nintendo DS
Mode: Single-player
Genre: Graphic adventure, visual novel

My Sunday school teacher lent me her copy of 999, and I am surprised that I spent a whole day playing it, managing to witness three out of the six possible endings. Who knew it could be so addicting?

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has a very interesting story. The game revolves around nine individuals who are kidnapped by an enigma by the name of Zero who forces them to play a life/death game on a cruise ship. You play as Junpei and collaborate with the other characters to escape the cruise ship within nine hours by finding a door marked with the number nine. Each character has a mysterious past which is revealed as the story progresses. As mentioned before, 999 features six possible endings, which is determined by the choices you make. I’ll leave it at that, and hopefully this synopsis piqued your interests.

It reminds me of Battle Royale because the novel-part of the game can sometimes be quite graphic (gore-wise). The difference is obviously the characters are working together to escape rather than kill each other. The game is different from other visual novel games I’ve played (e.g. Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney series) in that 999 involves a lot, and I mean A LOT, of reading.

The puzzles are fun and not as frustrating as some puzzle games I’ve played before. They range from simple mathematics to utilizing morse code. Crazy, huh? I find 999 somewhat educational because it presents a lot of interesting theories, which I won’t delve into because they all, in some way, relate to the plot. More reason to play the game 🙂

I like the style the characters are drawn, but sometimes they look awkward in some screenshots/ cutscenes. The graphics in the background look like they were created for the computer. I would have preferred if they were drawn the same way as the characters, but it does give variety to the game. The music complement some of the screenshots/cutscenes and gives the story a decent pacing.

I recommend 999 to anyone who is into playing puzzle games or likes reading an intricate (visual) story. I think there are a few plotholes in the story, but I think this could be resolved after I achieve all the endings (and read more into it on gamefaqs or wikipedia).

Samsung NX2000 Review

I recently bought a Samsung NX2000, which is a compact system camera or mirrorless camera, because my point-and-shoot broke and my DSLR doesn’t have a video function (yes I bought a new camera solely for its video function). Reading the reviews on amazon, it seems like a really good camera for the price you’re paying. It came in a really nice packaging, albeit it was missing the cord for the charger. I didn’t mind because I have plenty of cables lying around.


The kit comes with

  • body
  • 20-50mm lens
  • flash
  • strap
  • charger
  • battery
  • manuals & CDs (since I got mines from amazon, it came with Adobe Lightroom 4, which makes editing photos a breeze. I discovered that without the Lightroom 4.4 update, you can’t edit RAW samsung files (.srw))

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