Samsung NX2000 Review

I recently bought a Samsung NX2000, which is a compact system camera or mirrorless camera, because my point-and-shoot broke and my DSLR doesn’t have a video function (yes I bought a new camera solely for its video function). Reading the reviews on amazon, it seems like a really good camera for the price you’re paying. It came in a really nice packaging, albeit it was missing the cord for the charger. I didn’t mind because I have plenty of cables lying around.


The kit comes with

  • body
  • 20-50mm lens
  • flash
  • strap
  • charger
  • battery
  • manuals & CDs (since I got mines from amazon, it came with Adobe Lightroom 4, which makes editing photos a breeze. I discovered that without the Lightroom 4.4 update, you can’t edit RAW samsung files (.srw))

1. The iso ranges from 100 to 25600. There’s a noise reduction feature if you set the iso to 1600 or above. It’s reassuring to know that I can use this camera in almost any situation.

2. Self-Portrait AF. For those vain individuals, taking selfies has never been easier. The camera beeps once it detects your face, so you know you’re focused and in the shot.

3. MF Assist. When you set your AF mode to manual, there is an on option to enlarge the center of the screen by either x5 or x8 while adjusting the focus ring. This is really useful if you want super crisp images.

4. High-everything. This camera features a 20.3 megapixel sensor, and allows for HD shooting in video that can be in 1080p. Sharp and sleek videos/images that look like they’re about to come to life.

5. The Samsung NX2000, or rather all compact system cameras, is quite interesting because it teeters on having dslr functions while being lightweight like a point-and-shoot. Well, it’s definitely lighter in comparison to my Canon Rebel XS.

6. There are many ways to access a function. For example, there is a button on the lens to change the shutter speed, iso, and aperture, or you can press a button on the screen to change these options.

7. You can change the exposure while recording a video by adjusting the shutter speed. Unfortunately, the microphone catches and records the sound of the turned dial. You can, however, pause the recording and change the exposure and continue recording again.

1. I don’t know if it’s all compact system cameras or just Samsung brands, but here is a comparison of a photo taken on the Samsung NX2000 and the Canon Rebel XS:

Canon Rebel XS
Canon Rebel XS
Samsung NX2000
Samsung NX2000

Both were shot at F4, 1/125, and ISO 1600; focus was not the same area. Again, this is my opinion, but I prefer the depth-of-field in the canon photo. Maybe it’s that certain graininess that makes me think of film photographs whereas in the samsung photo, I think of digital/point-and-shoot photographs.

2. You can’t really do much when recording videos. You press the record button, and it immediately starts recording. Setting the focus to auto is the worst in my opinion because it’s continually focusing on something, and you can hear AND feel the lens focusing. It doesn’t let you touch the screen to focus on a particular object. Sometimes the subject of the video goes out-of-focus for a brief moment.

It’s better to set it at manual focus. However, since the focus ring on the lens doesn’t click once you reached the max or min focus range, you’re left guessing and trying to figure out which way to adjust the focus. Maybe the knowledge comes with extended use of the camera… hopefully.

3. Microphone in video mode is a pain because it’s quite sensitive. If you slightly move your fingers in some way, it records the sound. So you basically have to be a statue or have it on a tripod when recording a video.

4. Battery life depletes quite quickly when recording videos, and the camera body heats up after extended use. Maybe this is a common thing with all digital cameras that have their viewfinder on the screen, but the Samsung NX2000’s screen is almost sizzling when I touch it after having the camera on for 30 minutes or so.

5. Memory card must be a mirco sd card. I see this as a disadvantage mainly because it’s a different type from the one I use for the DSLR, which means throwing more money at Sandisk or whatever companies that makes sd cards.

6. As mentioned in the Advantages, there is a self-portrait AF feature; however, this feature is only available in the camera setting and not in the video setting. Instead of the camera beeping (which obviously would be inconvenient when recording), it could flash/blink a light when the camera can’t detect a face. Or this could be solved if the LCD could tilt.

7. After taking a photo or video, it takes a while for the camera to process a playback. I guess this is due to the high-quality of images and videos.

As you can tell, most the drawbacks came from the video setting. Despite the drawbacks, I actually would recommend buying the Samsung NX2000 if you want to take professional photographs without spending a whole lot of money on a DSLR.

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