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Hey everyone,

If you may recall a post from several months ago, my friend and I were trying to create a video. Well, that video turned out to be a pain while I was editing it, so it was scrapped. That is until my friend suggested we do a haul… on bread. After a day or so of editing, we created a youtube account (click on the image or here). Hopefully we can be consistent and upload weekly, but I highly doubt that considering we have lives outside of the Internet. Shocking, I know. Anyway, check out our first video, Bread Haul #1 | 85c, where we reviewed some bread from the renowned Taiwanese bakery 85c Bakery. Awkwardness and LOLz ensues. We have other ideas on the back burner, and hopefully we can get around to recording them before school starts up again for me.

Stay tuned~

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