Monterey Park Adventure

Before leaving for NorCal, my friends and I made a pit stop at Monterey Park for boba at Macchiato and Half n’ Half.

I saw my friend post on Instagram Macchiato’s potted milk tea a while back, and was quite curious of the taste. The presentation is absolutely beautiful, even when I ordered it to-go. The staff is lovely and the ambiance of the shop is cute and somewhat cozy. Despite all this, I had mixed feelings about the potted milk tea. The crushed oreo gives an interesting texture to the milk tea, but I felt the milk tea itself was lackluster. Probably because I am fond of my milk teas to be more on the tea side than sweet/milky side. Honestly, the drink tasted like the creamy center of an oreo, which if that floats your boat, then I definitely recommend buying the drink. Otherwise, I would not recommend buying it unless you are craving something sweet.


As mentioned in my TRAVEL LOG: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, I was somewhat disappointed with the tea I ordered at Half n’ Half. This time I ordered their renowned milk with honey boba and egg pudding. Two words: TOO SWEET. I asked for less sugar too because I had a hunch the honey in the boba would make the drink really sweet, but it was still too much for my palate. However, the boba is quite delicious and chewy, and the egg pudding is HUUUGE. I love egg pudding, so it was a treat eating that much of it. I definitely would go back to Half n’ Half for the toppings. The wait this time was quite long, but their service is really quick. We waited in line for maybe five minutes, and then maybe three minutes for our drinks; the wait is definitely better than T-pumps.


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