Hog Island Oyster Co.

Off to the north of San Francisco, past the forest of sequoias, and up a winding path by Tomales Bay, we—my brother, his friends, and I—arrived at a charming place called Hog Island Oyster Co. Given that it was July 4th weekend and a Sunday, there were a lot of people already there relaxing, eating BBQ, and shucking oysters. I am allergic to seafood but even I was tempted to slurp one. Chatting with old friends and eating delicious BBQ food whilst enjoying the lovely view makes one such as myself realize and appreciate the little things in life.







shucking oysters is srs business
shucking oysters is srs business


in good company
in good company


Time seemed to have eluded us because around 4:30 or something, the workers yelled out it was closing time. It was a pity because we had just finished barbecuing beef and were only halfway through barbecuing giant New York oysters. We packed up our things and drove home on Highway 1. Frightening yet stunning because we were literally on the edge of the coast. My photos do no justice.






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