Lisa’s Tea Treasures

I guess it’s becoming a tradition for to go somewhere we’ve never been before my brother has to go back to Los Angeles. My mom wanted something light and a place where we could chat, so my brother decided to take us to Lisa’s Tea Treasures, which is located in Campbell.


We ordered Lady’s Respite with Earl Grey Floral, English Breakfast, and Blackberry Jasmine. You know you drink loads of tea when you are able to finish three pots of brewed tea. I think I may not sleep tonight. The finger food are very simple but it balances out the sweetness of the free biscuits/cookies provided. I think my favorite is the scone they offer, followed by the quiche.

Blackberry Jasmine tea
Blackberry Jasmine tea
Lady's Respite
Lady’s Respite
tea biscuits with lemon curd
tea biscuits with lemon curd

Blackberry Jasmine is quite tasty with or without milk. Earl Grey Floral has a strong lavender or some type of floral taste to it, which didn’t appeal to my palate. You can never go wrong with traditional black tea like English Breakfast.

Dessert we picked Raspberry Tart and Mango Panna Cotta. Both are incredibly delicious and not too sweet, so I think it’ll satisfy anyone’s tastebuds.

Raspberry Tart
Raspberry Tart
Mango Panna Cotta
Mango Panna Cotta

The ambiance is very over-the-top with its porcelain bells to call for the waitress (what), victorian chairs, floral wallpapers, and miscellaneous trinkets displayed on the side of the room.


I definitely recommend going for the experience. Otherwise, I suggest you have afternoon tea in your backyard—like children who play tea parties with their (imaginary) tea set—because most of the finger food offered seemed like something a novice such as myself could make, and did not seem worth its ~$25 value.

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