Siam Fine Thai Cuisine

My mom and I wanted to try something new, so we settled on Siam Fine Thai Cuisine, located across Valley Fair and a block away from Santana Row. The restaurant is super small but service was quick. I’m really grateful that we went on a day and hour when it wasn’t too busy.

We ordered Panang Curry and Pad See Ewe, both with chicken.

The curry isn’t anything to rave about, but I do like how it’s creamy. Unfortunately, if you want a bowl of rice with your curry, it costs $2.00. Maybe it’s a $1 and the waitress gave us two bowls worth of rice in one large bowl, but I think it would be better next time to order curry to-go as we have rice at home.

The Pad See Ewe is super delicious and a large portion. I really like how the flat rice noodles are flavored in some sort of sweet soy sauce; I’m not sure exactly what the flavoring is but it makes the dish very tasty.

panang curry
panang curry
pad see ewe
pad see ewe

I do want to go back again because I want to try the yellow curry as it has potatoes!! You can never refuse curry that has potatoes. Oh, the carbs…

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