Beauty in Captivity

Yesterday was my first time going to the zoo. I honestly was a bit apprehensive of zoos ever since I watched Blackfish and the atrocities of captivity on sea creatures in Seaworld, and I felt like that documentary extends to animals in zoos. I still wanted to experience seeing exotic animals because how long will it be until I go to other countries to see these animals? Several years from now or maybe never. I understand that there are positive attributes of zoos such as maintaining endangered species, rehabilitating animals, and informing the public. However, the latter seems more and more unnecessary as the Internet is becoming more and more prevalent, and there are ongoing debate of the first two attributes.

Anyway, some animals my friends and I saw like the giraffe, meerkat, red panda, and penguin are super adorable. Other animals like the polar bear, rhino, and kangaroo are so depressing to look at. Hopefully they were either sunbathing or in a food coma, otherwise they looked absolutely miserable in their cages. In my opinion, the living quarters looked quite measly. I feel torn because I was so excited to see an animal pop its head out of its den or nest, but I was so disgusted with us finding enjoyment in watching some of these animals out of their natural habitat (e.g. the polar bear). There was one polar bear with its head inside a cardboard box; it looked so sad!

Since I have never been to any other zoo before, I can’t say San Francisco Zoo is the best or worst, but I feel like the admission cost was a bit of a rip-off considering we weren’t able to see any lions or snow leopards. Heck, it has one sea lion in captivity. Why?! Simply go Fisherman’s Wharf to see a pack of sea lions barking their heads off; it’s annoying and smelly but it is not depressing as that one in the zoo. We finished walking around the park within 3 hours. I wished the zoo offered student admission, but it does give discounts to residents, which I guess seems nice for families.

What are your opinions of zoos? Have you been to one? Leave your opinions in the comment section as I would like to read what you think.

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