Guardians of the Galaxy

I am finally getting around to professing my love for this movie. I haven’t been to the theaters since Frozen mostly because I don’t want to fork over $12 when I can wait for what seems like an eternity for the blu-ray/dvd release and watch it home over and over again. I am waiting for you Captain America: Winter Soldier!! Moreover, I was tad weary of attending opening night showings after attending the midnight premiere of The Hobbit after work (and falling asleep halfway into the movie… for only several minutes. Don’t throw rocks at me, please!).

Title: Guardians of the Galaxy
Type: movie – American
Director: James Gunn
Genre: Superhero, Sci-fi, Comedy

Synopsis: Light years from Earth, 26 years after being abducted Peter Quill finds himself the prime target of a manhunt after discovering an orb wanted by Ronan the Accuser. (source:

Rating: ★★★★★

In-depth Analysis:
I know I may sound like one of those people who are jumping on the Marvel or superhero film bandwagon, but I genuinely appreciate superhero films because they really do provide escapism and sometimes provide interesting and complex characters whom I love peeling away at and whom I sometimes can relate to.

Anyway, Guardians of the Galaxy is up there with Avengers, possibly even better than the Avengers?! It is both humorous and action-packed. Honestly, if I were watching it at home, I would literally be on the floor, crying tears, and gasping for air from laughing too hard (would not do that in theaters cause the floor is gross haha).

I didn’t know too much of Guardians of the Galaxy other than the little cameo they had on Ultimate Spiderman. However, I love how each actor own his/her part. I didn’t even realize Lee Pace was the antagonist until the end-credits because of the makeup, which is fantastic. I really like how through makeup, the movie brought diversity from Gamorra’s green skin to the tattoos on Drax the Destroyer’s grey skin. Can I say, as weird as this will sound, that I ship Groot and Rocket? You don’t get too much backstory to the characters, but their friendship is so beautiful. I won’t spoil much but I nearly got teary-eyed cause of that darn tree and raccoon.

One cannot deny how awesome the Awesome Mix Vol. 1, aka the soundtrack, is. I was dancing in my seat and bopping my head to some of the tunes such as Redbone’s Come And Get Your Love and Jackson 5’s I Want You Back. I really like how Peter Quill/Starlord’s, played by Chris Pratt, prized possession is a walkman. I am pretty sure the kids this generation have no idea what a cassette or a walkman is, but I was so happy to see old-school technology in a modern film.

The plot is pretty straightforward and I think they gave a decent amount of backstory to each of the main characters, but I would have liked more as I am a noob in all things Marvel, especially Guardians of the Galaxy. There was a lot more cussing than other Marvel films, which adds to the humor.

I definitely recommend watching it as I think it’s one of the best films released this summer.

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