I don’t drive a bumper car

Since getting my license in 2009, I have been in two rear-end accidents. As luck would have it, today marked my third. You may think that by now I would have some vague sense of what to do, but I am just as hopeless and clueless as ever.

On my way to work this morning, I was waiting at a stoplight when a middle-aged man rear-ended my car. “Oh f**k my life” was the first thought that ran through my head because I hate being in these sort of situations. I didn’t even have time to put on my flats because everything happened quickly. I examined the bumper, glared at the guy to get him out of his car, and then requested if I could have his insurance info.

“No, no, no. No damage. Look, no damage,” he kept saying. I thought to myself, “Great, he’s trying to weasel his way out.” Honestly, it’s not like I am going to call his insurance company and demand money because I understand car insurance companies are spawns of evil. In reality, I probably wouldn’t do anything. I just wanted his info in case he tries to claim that I hit his car or something. You see, I am incredibly paranoid after hearing that people who rear-ended others claimed that they were the ones who were “injured” even though the person they rear-ended let them off the hook. Karma’s rude like that.

Anyway, I tried to be adamant about getting his info, but he kept refusing. For goodness sakes, he even placed his hand on my arm, and I was so close to yelling sexual harassment (even though it wash’t. I apologize, I’m very uncomfortable with physical contact). I wasn’t getting anything out of the guy, so I thought I might as well take a photo of his license plate, but my darn phone was pitch dark. What a bad time to forget to change the brightness on the screen and not knowing where the camera app is. I awkwardly tried to be discrete and I was losing patience in myself because we were basically out there in front of the stoplight, so I gave up and attempted to memorize his license plate number only to forget them once I was in my car; that’s about 5 seconds… in order words, I have the memory of a goldfish. I thought I would just take a photo when the light turned green and I could catch it in my mirror. Awkwardness ensues cause when I turned left and that guy made a u-turn. Add on that I epically fail at holding my camera phone whilst driving. Obviously he’s a runner and I now regret not getting his info down.

What was I thinking attempting to memorize his license plate number? I can’t even remember my mom’s cell phone number. Ah, what technology has done to me… And why oh why didn’t I think to open my camera app before getting out of the car. I blame the shock.

Other than my neck being sore and my back aching (latter could be due to sitting all day at work), I’m not hurt. Then again maybe it’s all psychosomatic. What does whiplash even feel like??

I went through a daze at work and contemplated on whether I should tell my mom the incident. When I met up with her for lunch and I told her… well, let’s just say my ego, which was non-existent to begin with, is shot further into the ground. Like it’s literally close to the earth’s core now.

I also realized when I got home that there’s a huge scratch on the car’s spare tire case that I distinctly remember wasn’t there before. Oh, how I want to kick that guy in the nuts at that point.

I’m pretty sure anyone who can drive would handle the situation a lot better than me. What I am trying to say is don’t be like me. Please learn from my mistakes! I can’t say I am not angry. I am. Mostly at myself for being clueless in these situations and not being more assertive because, now, I’m facing the consequences: disappointed mom, scratched tire case, and psychosomatic pains. I’m going to eat my troubles away now…

Also, if you have advice, please leave a comment. I would very much appreciate any advice 🙂 Thanks.


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