Comic Con 2014

What a crazy weekend that has left a huge impression on me. I can see why some people spend so much to attend San Diego Comic Con. The conventions I have attended previously pale in comparison on so many levels. The sheer amount of people waiting in line to see panels and walking around the vicinity is overwhelming. I tweeted that no one has the right to say #linecon until they have waited in line to get into Hall H. On Saturday when the WB Studio and Marvel panels occurred, the line extended around the boardwalk and it seemed to never end. And here I was thinking the previous day’s line was ridiculous. Pushing my way through a sea of people in the exhibit hall was crazy as well, especially when one of the bigger booths like Lionsgate or Marvel were giving out swag. Don’t even get me started when there were signings going on at the booths. At that point, it feels like you’re a salmon swimming up stream with all your salmon friends. I’m not making much sense.

Overall, I am truly grateful to have attended panels, swiped some killer swag, and gotten autographs from awesome people.

I won’t go into too much detail as I am currently compiling a video/vlog about comic con. Hopefully I won’t chicken out and actually make it. I realized it has been two weeks and I still haven’t touched my videos yet.

I will just leave you with some photos. Enjoy πŸ˜€



Dreamworks panel
Dreamworks panel
Dreamworks panel
Dreamworks panel
Bones Panel
Bones Panel
Sherlock and Molly cosplayers :D
Sherlock and Molly cosplayers πŸ˜€
Doctor Who cosplayers (left  to right): 11, Captain Jack, 10
Doctor Who cosplayers (left to right): 11, Captain Jack, 10



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