After eating dinner at Valley Fair’s food court with my friends, we went downstairs to try Mealtop, a South Korean shaved ice shop. According to my friend who has been to Korea, the shaved ice is exactly the same as the Mealtop in Korea. The menu is stripped of unnecessary items and focuses on the basics. The $4.95 shaved ice comes in Original Milk, Green Tea, Fruit, and Coffee. Each shaved ice comes with a cup of red bean and two chunks of mochi. You can replace red bean for fruit for $1.00, but who can pass up red bean?! Mealtop also offers drip coffee, bottled water, and soda. Like I said, very basic, which is also reflected in the interior design.

My friend ordered Original Milk, which looks pretty in its white glory.

My other friend and I shared Green Tea. The green tea flavor is delicious albeit on the sweet side, so I preferred eating it on its own. Nevertheless, the divine combination that is green tea/matcha and red bean cannot be denied entrance to one’s palate. The red bean complements the green tea shaved ice wonderfully that I wonder if the side topping will go well with other flavors. The texture is very light and soft, and melts in your mouth. However, since my family owns a shaved ice maker and the shaved ice it produces vaguely resembles Mealtop’s,(EDIT: After making shaved ice at home, I realized the incredible difference in texture and crossed out what I said) Mealtop’s shaved ice seemed somewhat pricey to me.

You definitely can eat one by yourself as the portion is on the small-medium side. I think the presentation is nice, and the ambiance makes me want to visit Korea even more. If you are ever around the area and you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, head over to Mealtop 🙂

I am still curious of the other flavors, so I might try them next time.

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