Selfie Pilot Review

The pilot is currently on Hulu. I was quite excited of this new tv series because I heard John Cho was going to be one of the lead cast members and be alongside Karen Gillan. You may know her from Doctor Who where she played The Doctor’s companion Amy Pond. Obviously, I had a stupid grin on my face every time I saw Henry, John Cho’s character, and Eliza, Karen Gillan’s character. At first, I couldn’t make out whether she was speaking an American accent or her native Scottish accent. Though I do give her credit for pulling off a narcissistic, valley girl accent (or maybe NorCal cause she said hella).

Selfie seems to be written by a bunch of late twenty-something hipsters, or at least aimed towards tweens and early twenties. Compliment or insult, you choose. I feel it’s most evident when Eliza critiques her “hipster-crite neighbor Bryn and her friends.” How relatable are they to a twenty-something female? Are the writers trying to be witty/funny by having a businessperson do a hand heart pose? It screamed “I’m still relevant and hip among the ‘cool’ kids.” Practically each line is riddled with American pop culture references, which is sometimes funny or an overkill. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eliza starts speaking in tumblr or meme: “Much amaze. So excite.” “I can’t even.”

On the other hand, it seems like there is an underlying commentary on social media and this generation’s obsession with their phones and “instant gratification.”

I think the pilot shows promise, but I don’t see Selfie surviving for more than two seasons. Hopefully, it proves me wrong because I do truly enjoy seeing John Cho and Karen Gillan together.