Vita 500 (비타 500)

the case and bottle
the case and bottle

My friend who lives in Korea came back to visit over the winter break, and she gave me a box of Vita 500, which is a popular South Korean vitamin drink. The box contains 10 small, brown, glass bottles. She told me the name comes from the 500% of Vitamin C contained in the drink; Vita 500 also contains 86% of Vitamin B₁₂. I never had any American energy drinks, so I am not sure if Vita 500 is just as sweet as or sweeter than energy drinks, but Vita 500 does have a strong sugary (with a twinge of sour) taste. I think it is quite addicting to drink, but because of the sweetness I am hesitant to chug five bottles in one go since I feel like I may be ingesting 3 billions grams of sugar. Overall, it is an interesting experience and I am a sucker for the packaging. I can’t help but like tiny bottles.

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