Mini Bunte Vielfalt

A family friend gave us a small pack of Bunte Vielfalt. Obviously I went bug-eyed because I rarely get a chance to taste European chocolate. We don’t even get Kinder eggs here!! Anyway, this pack had some interesting flavors such as cornflake and yogurt. I didn’t realize how many pieces are nut-flavored. Nevertheless, in the name of wanting to share my experience of eating foreign chocolate, I ignored my allergies of nuts to taste these delicious German morsels.

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Khiel’s Clarity-Activating Toner

I have the worst type of skin: a combination skin where the oily areas are acne-prone and the dry areas are eczema-prone. Also, my skin is incredibly sensitive to a lot of makeup products, so I don’t wear any. I once tried applying eyeliner and mascara, removed it with baby oil, and I developed eczema around my eyelids. Worst experience ever. To make matters worse, every time I get acne, I still get scars even when I don’t forcibly squeeze out its existence. Anyone else going through the same problem? Let’s start a support group please!

Anyway, the only skincare products I use are Neutrogena’s Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen and AVEENO® Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream. A friend once gave me Khiel’s Ultra Facial Toner as a gift and I didn’t have a negative reaction. I took another leap of faith and bought Khiel’s Clearly Corrective™ Clarity-Activating Toner after reading the reviews on the website.

On the bottle it states “The Clearly Corrective™ Regimen is clinically-demonstrasted* to help reverse noticeable skin discoloration for an overall improvement in skin clarity. Helps restore hydration levels.”

According to the website, Clearly Corrective™ Clarity-Activating Toner’s key ingredients include activating C, white birch extract, peony extract, salicylic acid, and glycerin. More information on each ingredient’s purpose and effect are found here.

I have been religiously applying the toner morning and night for the first week, and unfortunately broke out. I believed this is due to a change in my skincare regiment. I then shifted to occasionally applying it during the night, and while I still developed acne, it wasn’t as bad as the first week. Plus, I started noticing the scars were lightening. Hopefully my skin will become accustomed to it and not break out anymore.

– Effective in terms of lightening skin
– If you are using your palms to apply the toner, only a couple of drops are needed
– Light and gentle on skin

– This 8 fl oz toner is incredibly expensive. $42 plus tax!
– It has a strong smell that may or may not bother you (in the beginning it bothered me a bit)
– Sometimes makes me feel like my skin is super oily but I could be mistaking hydrated skin for this oily feeling
– Possible side effect: acne breakout

I don’t know if the toner is worth its value considering how horrible the first week of use was, but I am optimistic that the end results will be good. I do recommend trying Khiel’s Ultra Facial Toner as it’s incredibly light on the skin and does not cause any acne dilemma (well it didn’t for me; hopefully it doesn’t for you).

Failure is an Option

Excuse me for my cliche title.

My User Experience (UX) professor asked us the other day “what can students do to experiment more in the classroom?”, to which I asked, “Shouldn’t the professor facilitate an environment that allows failure?”

He volleyed, “How?”
I conceded with “I don’t know.”
“How would you do it?”

My professor then said that even if teachers facilitate that environment, students should change their mindset from getting good grades to a mindset that’s willing to explore. He said, and I’m heck paraphrasing here (i.e. I could be off), if students only aim for that “A,” their mindset is narrowed to only achieving that “A” level and they don’t realize their other potentials.

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