Mini Bunte Vielfalt

A family friend gave us a small pack of Bunte Vielfalt. Obviously I went bug-eyed because I rarely get a chance to taste European chocolate. We don’t even get Kinder eggs here!! Anyway, this pack had some interesting flavors such as cornflake and yogurt. I didn’t realize how many pieces are nut-flavored. Nevertheless, in the name of wanting to share my experience of eating foreign chocolate, I ignored my allergies of nuts to taste these delicious German morsels.

Marzipan: For those of you who do not know, marzipan consists of almond meal and sugar/honey. Funny story: At first I thought marzipan was a type of cheese (I don’t know why), and thought “Well chocolate and cheese is an interesting combination! I’m excited to try it!” Yep, I’m still curious what that combination tastes like. I mean cheese goes well with grapes, so can’t it go well with chocolate? I can hear you guys sharpening your fondue sticks and knives.

Although I am allergic to almond (like I said, the things I do to share my experience with y’all), I found the marzipan filling complimenting perfectly with the chocolate. The marzipan tastes a little minty and nutty, but maybe I’m imagining the minty part.

Yogurt: There’s a slight tangy taste due to the yogurt. It blends into the chocolate taste, and it literally melts in mouth.

Praline: According to the great wikipedia, praline is made of a type of nut and sugar syrup. I was expecting a chewy center or caramel coated nut chunks, but to my surprise it tasted like Ferrero Rocher’s creamy center. If you love Nutella or Ferrero Rocher, this flavor is for you.

Cornflake: I literally thought it had chunks of cornflakes cereal, but it’s rice cereal, which reminds me of Crunch. I think this is my favorite because of the malt, caramel flavor even though it makes it sweeter.

Butter Biscuit: If you let the chocolate melt in your mouth and then munch on the biscuit, it is perfection. The aftertaste has a slight caramel flavor too. If you munch on the piece in one-go, it tastes like you’re eating oil and chocolate. Neither oily goodness nor buttery goodness, but an unfortunate combination of mismatched flavors.

Hazelnuts: I would consider this the “chunky” version of Praline. Instead of the hazelnut flavor mixed in with the chocolate, there are little hazelnut chunks. It’s like eating the chocolate shell of a Ferrero Rocher. If I had to pick, I definitely prefer the Praline.

Fine Milk Chocolate: Not just fine; it’s mighty fine. It’s like eating a solidified hot cocoa. Okay that doesn’t sound too appetizing, but it’s absolutely creamy.

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