Tokyo Ghoul √A – Ken

© Sui Ishida
© Sui Ishida

Wow. Okay. It took me a couple of hours—by couple, I mean 6+ hours—to recuperate. I never felt a strong attachment to fictional characters since probably Big Hero 6 (the feels are strong in that movie okay?).

Warning: spoilers.

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We are a masterpiece

The more I hear about the professional world under the lens of design thinking, the more I feel like each department is like a color. Design is red, Engineering is blue, Marketing is green, etc. Seemingly separate, when we mix together to solve a problem, we produce something beautiful… a masterpiece you could say.

This analogy sounded better in my head. My point is I think schools should adopt this methodology of cross-disciplinary collaboration to prepare students for the professional world, and to rid of any stigma or misconceptions some may have of other majors.