Setting Goals

Back in 2011, I wrote a list of what I planned to do before I turned 25. I cracked open my journal containing said list, read what my 2011-self wrote, and laughed at some of the silly things I wrote: fly a kite, talk to a celebrity, dance in the rain. It’s no surprise that I have not completed 80% of the list, but I am still surprised that I managed to do 20% of it.

To some, making a list of goals is stupid and a waste of time. To others, it’s beneficial because it is a reminder and a motivator. I admit, I always make a resolutions list when the new year arrives, and I end up never doing any of them. For example, I always say I will build my vocabulary in foreign languages, practice everyday, blah blah. It falls apart the next day. The problem with resolutions list compared to this “things I am going to do” list is duration. It demands change that can only be achieved through repetition of an act(s) during a long period. The other list contains things that happen in a moment: flying a kite, going to a zoo/circus, going to CA Adventures, etc. It’s spontaneous. I know I am waffling here, but I came this realization as I was staring at my “accomplishments.”

As the year is drawing to an end, I realize how life is swiftly moving. Try new things and be a little spontaneous because, forgive me, #yolo. (excuse me while I go barf from my cheesiness).


Tea-rific Berkeley Adventure

Many have told me some of the best food in NorCal is in Berkeley, so my two buddies and I decided to head up there Sunday afternoon. Other than getting boba, we had no set plan on where to eat. It was an adventure nonetheless walking around downtown Berkeley.

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Comic Con 2014

What a crazy weekend that has left a huge impression on me. I can see why some people spend so much to attend San Diego Comic Con. The conventions I have attended previously pale in comparison on so many levels. The sheer amount of people waiting in line to see panels and walking around the vicinity is overwhelming. I tweeted that no one has the right to say #linecon until they have waited in line to get into Hall H. On Saturday when the WB Studio and Marvel panels occurred, the line extended around the boardwalk and it seemed to never end. And here I was thinking the previous day’s line was ridiculous. Pushing my way through a sea of people in the exhibit hall was crazy as well, especially when one of the bigger booths like Lionsgate or Marvel were giving out swag. Don’t even get me started when there were signings going on at the booths. At that point, it feels like you’re a salmon swimming up stream with all your salmon friends. I’m not making much sense.

Overall, I am truly grateful to have attended panels, swiped some killer swag, and gotten autographs from awesome people.

I won’t go into too much detail as I am currently compiling a video/vlog about comic con. Hopefully I won’t chicken out and actually make it. I realized it has been two weeks and I still haven’t touched my videos yet.

I will just leave you with some photos. Enjoy 😀



Dreamworks panel
Dreamworks panel
Dreamworks panel
Dreamworks panel
Bones Panel
Bones Panel
Sherlock and Molly cosplayers :D
Sherlock and Molly cosplayers 😀
Doctor Who cosplayers (left  to right): 11, Captain Jack, 10
Doctor Who cosplayers (left to right): 11, Captain Jack, 10


Beauty in Captivity

Yesterday was my first time going to the zoo. I honestly was a bit apprehensive of zoos ever since I watched Blackfish and the atrocities of captivity on sea creatures in Seaworld, and I felt like that documentary extends to animals in zoos. I still wanted to experience seeing exotic animals because how long will it be until I go to other countries to see these animals? Several years from now or maybe never. I understand that there are positive attributes of zoos such as maintaining endangered species, rehabilitating animals, and informing the public. However, the latter seems more and more unnecessary as the Internet is becoming more and more prevalent, and there are ongoing debate of the first two attributes.

Anyway, some animals my friends and I saw like the giraffe, meerkat, red panda, and penguin are super adorable. Other animals like the polar bear, rhino, and kangaroo are so depressing to look at. Hopefully they were either sunbathing or in a food coma, otherwise they looked absolutely miserable in their cages. In my opinion, the living quarters looked quite measly. I feel torn because I was so excited to see an animal pop its head out of its den or nest, but I was so disgusted with us finding enjoyment in watching some of these animals out of their natural habitat (e.g. the polar bear). There was one polar bear with its head inside a cardboard box; it looked so sad!

Since I have never been to any other zoo before, I can’t say San Francisco Zoo is the best or worst, but I feel like the admission cost was a bit of a rip-off considering we weren’t able to see any lions or snow leopards. Heck, it has one sea lion in captivity. Why?! Simply go Fisherman’s Wharf to see a pack of sea lions barking their heads off; it’s annoying and smelly but it is not depressing as that one in the zoo. We finished walking around the park within 3 hours. I wished the zoo offered student admission, but it does give discounts to residents, which I guess seems nice for families.

What are your opinions of zoos? Have you been to one? Leave your opinions in the comment section as I would like to read what you think.

New video


Hey y’all!

As I mentioned before, I started a youtube channel with my friend called pmteatime. Well we definitely failed at trying to upload weekly, but I finally got around to editing the videos I shot when I went to Hog Island Oyster Co.—which you can read here—and finally uploaded it! I don’t want to delve how long I spent editing because I am a tad embarrassed that it took longer than it should have haha. I’m still learning.

You can check it out simply by clicking on the image or clicking here.

WARNING: May cause motion sickness… hopefully not. I tried really hard to stabilize the video.

Lisa’s Tea Treasures

I guess it’s becoming a tradition for to go somewhere we’ve never been before my brother has to go back to Los Angeles. My mom wanted something light and a place where we could chat, so my brother decided to take us to Lisa’s Tea Treasures, which is located in Campbell.


We ordered Lady’s Respite with Earl Grey Floral, English Breakfast, and Blackberry Jasmine. You know you drink loads of tea when you are able to finish three pots of brewed tea. I think I may not sleep tonight. The finger food are very simple but it balances out the sweetness of the free biscuits/cookies provided. I think my favorite is the scone they offer, followed by the quiche.

Blackberry Jasmine tea
Blackberry Jasmine tea
Lady's Respite
Lady’s Respite
tea biscuits with lemon curd
tea biscuits with lemon curd

Blackberry Jasmine is quite tasty with or without milk. Earl Grey Floral has a strong lavender or some type of floral taste to it, which didn’t appeal to my palate. You can never go wrong with traditional black tea like English Breakfast.

Dessert we picked Raspberry Tart and Mango Panna Cotta. Both are incredibly delicious and not too sweet, so I think it’ll satisfy anyone’s tastebuds.

Raspberry Tart
Raspberry Tart
Mango Panna Cotta
Mango Panna Cotta

The ambiance is very over-the-top with its porcelain bells to call for the waitress (what), victorian chairs, floral wallpapers, and miscellaneous trinkets displayed on the side of the room.


I definitely recommend going for the experience. Otherwise, I suggest you have afternoon tea in your backyard—like children who play tea parties with their (imaginary) tea set—because most of the finger food offered seemed like something a novice such as myself could make, and did not seem worth its ~$25 value.

Hog Island Oyster Co.

Off to the north of San Francisco, past the forest of sequoias, and up a winding path by Tomales Bay, we—my brother, his friends, and I—arrived at a charming place called Hog Island Oyster Co. Given that it was July 4th weekend and a Sunday, there were a lot of people already there relaxing, eating BBQ, and shucking oysters. I am allergic to seafood but even I was tempted to slurp one. Chatting with old friends and eating delicious BBQ food whilst enjoying the lovely view makes one such as myself realize and appreciate the little things in life.







shucking oysters is srs business
shucking oysters is srs business


in good company
in good company


Time seemed to have eluded us because around 4:30 or something, the workers yelled out it was closing time. It was a pity because we had just finished barbecuing beef and were only halfway through barbecuing giant New York oysters. We packed up our things and drove home on Highway 1. Frightening yet stunning because we were literally on the edge of the coast. My photos do no justice.






Check out PMTeaTime


Hey everyone,

If you may recall a post from several months ago, my friend and I were trying to create a video. Well, that video turned out to be a pain while I was editing it, so it was scrapped. That is until my friend suggested we do a haul… on bread. After a day or so of editing, we created a youtube account (click on the image or here). Hopefully we can be consistent and upload weekly, but I highly doubt that considering we have lives outside of the Internet. Shocking, I know. Anyway, check out our first video, Bread Haul #1 | 85c, where we reviewed some bread from the renowned Taiwanese bakery 85c Bakery. Awkwardness and LOLz ensues. We have other ideas on the back burner, and hopefully we can get around to recording them before school starts up again for me.

Stay tuned~

A Day In The Life Of Memories

I’ve been meaning to post this. I’m going to do something a bit different and tell you a bit of my school life, or rather, share with you an amazing upcoming artist.

IMG_20131003_170941Back in October, I had the pleasure of attending my classmate’s, Ace Vu, gallery exhibition titled A Day In The Life Of Memories, or #Memories for short. This beautiful installation triggers all the senses, and evokes a sense of nostalgia as one walks into the gallery. The centerpiece is hauntingly exquisite: two wooden chairs and a hat sitting on one, vintage trinkets and dried bouquet of roses placed on a wooden table, and pieces of paper hanging above by wooden clips and string. Aside from the aromatic smell of coffee pervading the room that reminded me of a cafe, the core of the gallery transcends to the memories of those whom we cherish and/or miss, whether they are not of this world anymore or simply in another city. Each piece of floating paper contains a memory of a loved one (or two). The words I write cannot describe how emotional it is standing there and reading some of the notes: the remorse, the happiness, the pain…

Below are some photos I took of the gallery, and hopefully, they capture the essence of the installation.

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