Samsung NX2000 Review

I recently bought a Samsung NX2000, which is a compact system camera or mirrorless camera, because my point-and-shoot broke and my DSLR doesn’t have a video function (yes I bought a new camera solely for its video function). Reading the reviews on amazon, it seems like a really good camera for the price you’re paying. It came in a really nice packaging, albeit it was missing the cord for the charger. I didn’t mind because I have plenty of cables lying around.


The kit comes with

  • body
  • 20-50mm lens
  • flash
  • strap
  • charger
  • battery
  • manuals & CDs (since I got mines from amazon, it came with Adobe Lightroom 4, which makes editing photos a breeze. I discovered that without the Lightroom 4.4 update, you can’t edit RAW samsung files (.srw))

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