Your Lie In April

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© A-1 Pictures

Have a box of tissues when you watch this anime. Cling to one!!

Synopsis: “Piano prodigy Kousei Arima dominated the competition and has become famous among child musicians. After his mother, who was also his instructor, died, he had a mental breakdown while performing at a piano recital at the age of eleven. As a result, he is no longer able to hear the sound of his piano even though his hearing is perfectly fine. Two years later, Kousei hasn’t touched the piano and views the world in monotone, without any flair or color. He has resigned himself to living out his life with his good friends, Tsubaki and Watari, until, one day, a girl changes everything. Kaori Miyazono, a pretty, free-spirited violinist whose playing style reflects her personality, helps Kousei return to the music world and shows that it should be free and mold breaking unlike the structured and rigid style Kousei was used to.” (source:

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+ Absolutely stunning animation. It’s such eye candy that I feel like I was being caressed by beautiful, saturated, and vibrant colors.
+ Likable characters who are all very realistic. I feel like anyone can relate to at least one of these characters on some level.
+ Music is beautiful. Obvious statement considering the plot centers around classical musicians, but I’m also referring to the music composed by Yokoyama Masaru. The opening and closing themes are awesome as well and fit the theme of Your Lie In April. I literally have 光るなら (Hikaru Nara) by Goosehouse on repeat when I exercise because it’s so darn catchy and upbeat.
+ Cohesive plot with a bittersweet ending. Like I said, have a box of tissues with you. There are comedic moments to lighten the mood.
+ I didn’t read the manga—written and drawn by Naoshi Arakawa—but I hear the anime follows the manga closely.

– Around the middle of the anime, I felt like some events were dragged out a bit too long. Otherwise, I think the pacing is good.
– My brother pointed out that the characters tend to repeat the same word 50 billion times in one episode, which I guess could annoy some people. I didn’t notice until he pointed it out because I thought it was to emphasize a point.

You can watch Your Lie In April on crunchyroll or hulu



I still remember the day when I started watching Prince of Tennis and how I wanted to learn how to play tennis because of it. Does that ever happen to you? I think this is what happens every time I watch any sports-themed anime.

I read a little bit of the manga and watch the first season of the anime, and the anime follows the manga closely. I love the artwork in both platforms because they capture the intensity of the sport while having moments of comedy. Haikyuu!! is an anime/manga that centers around Karasuno High School’s volleyball team and teamwork.
one of many hilarious moments in Haikyuu!!
I don’t think I have laughed so hard watching an anime in a while. In fact, I somehow gone through all 25 episodes in a day because the storytelling is enticing and all the characters are lovable. I have a soft spot for Suga and Nishinoya and Tanaka… basically all of Karasuno. The soundtrack for the anime is catchy and gets my blood pumping; it’s great workout music. I admit there are a few moments where I wished the plot would move faster. However, there is a good amount of tension and buildup to the point where when it’s the climax, I have my hands flailing in the air and I’m screaming at the screen in excitement. Maybe I’m just easily excited about things, but the show does have me at the edge of my seat. The same goes for the manga.

Head over to crunchyroll or hulu to watch Haikyuu!! I honestly cannot wait for season 2. I would keep myself busy by reading the manga, but I’m trying to keep myself from binge-reading it over at Casonova Scans because it’s only updated once a week.

Tokyo Ghoul √A episode 1

I honestly could not sleep yesterday because of the excitement (also the fact that there’s a new episode of Your Lie In April), and I woke up early and kept refreshing tumblr and hulu for any glimpse of episode one. Heading over to funimation, in all its glory, was episode one. Available. Just a click away. Well… several because I registered just to get a 14-day trial to stream Tokyo Ghoul √A. I’m not obsessed at all /whistles/

The raging feels coursed through my body that I needed to run around the house and scream after I finished the first episode. I’m not kidding, I’m trying to let it out right now by making random graphics and posting it on tumblr. If only I had someone to talk to, haha. If you’re a Tokyo Ghoul fan, please let’s chat!! 😀 I’m quite glad the anime isn’t like Sherlock where I have to wait a year for a new season, haha.

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Go Go Bossa – Cafe Ghibli

I haven’t done this in a while, but I really wanted to share this lovely gem I came across on youtube many months ago.

Like most college students, I often find myself listening to music while writing a paper or studying, sometimes neglecting said paper or study guide because I’m too busy jamming away. However, I think this album, Go Go Bossa – Cafe Ghibli, is one that lowers my stress and helps me focus on the task at hand.

Go Go Bossa – Cafe Ghibli, which contains sixteen tracks, is a fresh take on Studio Ghibli music by giving listeners smooth, mellow jazz/new age music that will take them to a toasty cafe… or wherever is your go-to place to relax.

Here is one of my favorite tracks on the album.


となりのトトロ (My Neighbor Totoro)原田芳宏 (Yoshiro Harada)

カントリー・ロード (Country Roads) Marcelo Martins
風になる South Pitch feat.Miyako Hasegawa
人生のメリーゴーランド (Merry-Go-Round of Life) Rio Novo
崖の上のポニョ (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea) 原田芳宏 (Yoshiro Harada)
風のとおり道 (Wind Forest) Ze Carlos and 加藤実 (Minoru Kato)
さよならの夏〜コクリコ坂から 佐藤正美 (Masami Satoh)
やさしさに包まれたなら Tatiana
愛は花、君はその種子 Rio Novo
ケ・セラ・セラ (Que Sera Sera) 原田芳宏 (Yoshiro Harada)
旅立ち (Departure) Leandro Braga & Ze Carlos
いつも何度でも Cana Feat. Tugune
あの夏へ (One Summer’s Day) South Pitch
テルーの唄 (Teru’s Song) Bossa Organica
時には昔の話を Swanky Feat. Saltie
アシタカとサン 佐藤正美 (Masami Satoh)

You can buy the album or a track you fancy either from amazon or iTunes.