Tokyo Ghoul √A – Ken

© Sui Ishida
© Sui Ishida

Wow. Okay. It took me a couple of hours—by couple, I mean 6+ hours—to recuperate. I never felt a strong attachment to fictional characters since probably Big Hero 6 (the feels are strong in that movie okay?).

Warning: spoilers.

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Tokyo Ghoul √A episode 1

I honestly could not sleep yesterday because of the excitement (also the fact that there’s a new episode of Your Lie In April), and I woke up early and kept refreshing tumblr and hulu for any glimpse of episode one. Heading over to funimation, in all its glory, was episode one. Available. Just a click away. Well… several because I registered just to get a 14-day trial to stream Tokyo Ghoul √A. I’m not obsessed at all /whistles/

The raging feels coursed through my body that I needed to run around the house and scream after I finished the first episode. I’m not kidding, I’m trying to let it out right now by making random graphics and posting it on tumblr. If only I had someone to talk to, haha. If you’re a Tokyo Ghoul fan, please let’s chat!! 😀 I’m quite glad the anime isn’t like Sherlock where I have to wait a year for a new season, haha.

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