I Hear Your Voice

What an amazing k-drama. I tried watching another drama after Doctor Stranger, but towards the end, I was skipping scenes and I still haven’t finish it… not that I want to because I simply lost interest. Then, I decided to watch this drama because I realized it only has 18 episodes!! That’s something considering a lot of k-dramas go up to 20.

Anyway, I have not been this impressed by a korean drama since I watched Time Between Dog And Wolf back in 2007. I Hear Your Voice is a courtroom drama that delves into the realms of forgiveness versus revenge and the consequences of these actions, of the justice system, and of truth/morality.

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Doctor Stranger

I haven’t watched a k-drama since high school, and there are many reasons why, one being the notorious love triangle plot line. So when I came across a medical drama called Doctor Stranger, I thought k-dramas were finally mixing it up and I thought I would give it a chance. I somehow managed to finish all 20 one-hour long episodes, but I felt like it was unnecessarily dragged on and the ending was lackluster.

Doctor Stranger is about a South Korean, Park Hoon, who was kidnapped as a child and brought to North Korea with his father who is a cardio surgeon. He follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a doctor as well. Hoon manages to return to South Korea and works at a prestigious hospital for the sole purpose of earning enough money to rescue his girlfriend from North Korea. However, there is one doctor at this prestigious hospital who looks exactly like Hoon’s girlfriend; thus, drama, confusion, and a love triangle plot (or should I say square?) ensues.

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